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Green Nature

Who are we? 

We are Tsattine (Beaver) people working alongside settler academics to revitalize Tsattine culture in the Peace region of northwestern Alberta. We seek to better understand the history of bison hunting and human-animal relationships in northern Alberta as one way to understand the history of colonization and to promote healing. We aim to co-create knowledge through both traditional ways of knowing and Western science. Our work supports the revitalization of Tsattine language, land-based traditions and relationships between human and non-human persons. Our initiatives support the ongoing work of the Tsattine Resurgence Society.



Victoria Wanihadie

Tsattine educator, knowledge-keeper, and a founding member of the Tsattine Resurgence Society.

Metcalfe - 196.jpg

Jessica Metcalfe 

Assistant Professor,

Department of Anthropology Lakehead University

(Thunder Bay, Ontario) 

Becky_Bio pic_edited.png

Elizabeth Carpenter 

Research Assistant, Department of Anthropology at Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, Ontario). 




MSc Student

Department of Anthropology

Lakehead University 

(Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Tsattine Elders and Knowledge-Keepers 

Norman Wanihadie

Dorothy Wanihadie

Philip Joachim

Bruce McAllister

Eva Chatelain

Carol Ferguson

William Thomas

Brenda McChesney

Marilyn Ferguson

Dana Hanson


Tsattine Youth

Tyren Heck

Kaitlyn Nelson

Kenneth Livesey

Jordan Holloway

Marshall Desjarlais

Maverick Wanihandi

Markus Wanihandi

Matthew Wanihandi

Memphis Paul Wanihandi

Mikayla Wanihandi 

Mary Jane Wanihandi


Tsattine Website Designers

Shauna Livesey

Kenneth Livesey 



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